Download: WARNING - Trippy Powerful Third Eye Opening Spoken Affirmations

By Pure Meditation and Relaxation


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Follow the instructions in the Living Affirmations "Third Eye Open" video, including "repeat the affirmations out loud". This is vital to reinforcing the belief and making it real to you. You can only attract what you want when your belief is real enough. My voice and my instructions will help make your belief strong.

Although there is nothing subliminal or binaural about this video, my voice over does make use of 3D spatial sound, so that my voice will appear to be moving around you. This acts as a "pattern interrupt" and will keep you focused on your affirmations.

Use this video daily at least twice to begin making your "Third Eye Open" beliefs strong enough to manifest into reality. Some of the hundreds of Living Affirmations in this video include:

I open myself to know my inner guidance and deepest wisdom.
I align my consciousness with the source of all life.
I believe I am unlimited in my capacity for joy, healing and happiness.
I release and forgive the past.
I open myself to new energy, new people, places and experiences.
I live in the light of my truth and I accept what I know.
I create clarity of mind and unlimited vision for myself.
I trust that my highest good and greatest joy are unfolding.
I am wise, intuitive, and aligned with my highest good.
Every situation is an opportunity for growth and healing.
I live in the light of my higher mind and allow it to illuminate my life.
I seek wisdom and guidance in all situations.
I am the source of truth and love in my life
I focus on the violet light that radiates from my crown
I feel the strong spiritual connection to my higher self
The divine light is my protection
the divine energy is my power.
The answers to all my questions lie within me.
I trust my insight and intuition.
I see clearly both in the physical and subtle worlds.
My intellect is a powerful tool for good.
I envision and create beauty and goodness.
I am open to experiencing non-ordinary reality.
I trust my inner self to guide and protect me.
My imagination is vivid and powerful.
I am open to the wisdom within me.
I can see and think clearly
I see that all is well in my world.
I see of the solutions to situations in my life and make positive changes now!
I am the creator of my reality and my dreams are coming true.
I am one with the vibration of the Infinite potential of the Universe.
I connect easily to my spirit and higher power

Third Eye Opening Affirmations Video: