Download: CIA Insider About Area 51, UFO, Aliens, Extraterrestrials & NWO

By Igor Kryan


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I used my government clearance to visit Area 51 in NV, Sandia National Labs in NM, NASA top secret facility in TX and Livermore Labs in CA. Area 51 is a big diversion and distraction. Yes, there are some super advanced military and NASA tech there but nothing extraterrestrial, they even have a couple of fake aliens on "life support" and "soccers" in case some nosy employee get into the underground secured part so later he can describe what he saw with his own eyes, except it won't be true. Those objects there are just for disinformation and people to spread those rumors about "green men". However, there is a giant tunnel network connecting Area 51 with an underground complex in Sierra Nevada. That's where it gets interesting. The team of scientists work there on various top secret projects including "Blue Light", "Blue Beam", "Blue Ray" and others to create a new fake alien landing around 2020 and represent it as "Biblical Second Coming" to unify the world under one rule and New World Order. And the only obstacle in that Russian Space Agency, which not compelled by Global Elite, would easily disprove it, so they need to get control of Russia like they did in America and European Union. To make this happen CIA hatched a false flag attack plan to mass poison of Americans and blame it on Russian FSB and Russian Animal Liberators in US to start a new war and get control over Russia. Actually CIA does not want full blown World War III - they just want to do enough to depose current Russian regime to install their own people in order for their pain to establish New World Order and One World Government. That's the truth guys: poisoning, war and fake aliens are coming. I dig up everywhere I could using my clearance but did not find real aliens, except top secret documents about human-alien hybridization program, but I think those documents are also fabricated to facilitate the coming fake alien landing.