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Starting a new series inspired by rechyyy's loadout videos :)

The criteria for this loadout:
1) Skins that are based on aquatic animals and/or
2) Blue-coloured skins

List of skins in the video:
CZ75-Auto | Poison Dart
Desert Eagle | Midnight Storm
Dual Berettas | Moon in Libra
Glock-18 | Water Elemental
P2000 | Ocean Foam
P250 | Undertow
Tec-9 | Blue Titanium
USP-S | Caiman
AK-47 | Aquamarine Revenge
AUG | Anodized Navy
AWP | Hyper Beast
FAMAS | Spitfire
G3SG1 | Azure Zebra
Galil AR | Aqua Terrace
M4A1-S | Hyper Beast
M4A4 | Poseidon
SCAR-20 | Grotto
SG 553 | Anodized Navy
SSG 08 | Blood in the Water
MAC-10 | Indigo
MP7 Anodyzed Navy
PP-Bizon | Blue Streak
P90 | Module
UMP-45 | Indigo
MAG-7 | Seabird
Nova | Koi
Sawed-Off | The Kraken
M249 | Shipping Forecast
Negev | Terrain


My FOV / Viewmodel:

Background music:
Diviners feat. Contacreast - Tropic Love [NCS Release]

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