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Vault-Tec’s underground fallout shelters or "Vaults" were less for preserving human society than to let Vault-Tec mess with people. The Vaults of Fallout 4 are no exception. Contemplate the six dickest moves by Vault-Tec in Fallout 4 and subscribe!

No main story mission spoilers ahead, but beware of spoilers for side missions based on the various side mission Vaults in Fallout 4.

Take Vault 111 which, if you’re reading this, you probably know all about. It’s the Vault your character is chucked into at the start of Fallout 4, and its aim was to study the effects of prolonged cryostasis on its residents.

This seems like a pretty straightforward setup that, in the event of a nuclear apocalypse, you wouldn’t have trouble finding people to volunteer for.

The world is going to be irradiated for centuries, so it makes sense to freeze yourself until everything is safe again. Even if the long-term effects could be dangerous, it’s still less dangerous than taking a nuke to the face.

But that’s not Vault-Tec’s style, so instead they tricked everyone, telling them that it was a normal vault, claiming that the cryostasis pods were for decontamination, and then freezing them when they least expected it.

Maybe they just wanted the residents to all have hilarious surprised faces to give the caretakers something to look at when they cleaned the observation panels?

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