Download: Star Wars: Battlefront II- Battle of Geonosis 125th Mod

By DarthAnt66


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Star Wars: Battlefront II Battle of Geonosis 125th gameplay by 0827ant1 originally 0827ant on the PC!

Link to Download Map:;81707

0827ant1's Note: Very popular mod so I decided to try it out. First I would like to say that most people wonder why its called 125th, and thats because thats the name of of group of clones that are fighting, for example Anakin's men are called the 501st. Now onto the mod, right at the start there is like 25 ships which is awesome, and close nearby the Jedi Arena, which is cool but its a rectangle not a circle. There are hundereds of droids and really cool Acklays. Also you can see Ki-Adi-Mundi and like Anakin fighting. Also, the hero of the map, Mace Windu, runs super fast, proobably mas fast as a speeder if not faster, which is bad because running so fast its hard to use the sprint attack, because its easily to miss. This is a solid map that the author spend a crap load time on, I recommend to give it a try! 8/10!

FunFactor: 10/10
Quality: 7/10
Critical Reviews: 5/5