Download: السيد محمد علي فضل الله-الجزء 1 / Sayyed Muhammad Ali Fadlullah-Part 1

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بعض من ذكريات طفولة العلامة المرجع، السيّد محمّد حسين فضل الله(رض)، يرويها شقيقه سماحة السيّد محمّد علي فضل الله، الّذي أشار إلى ما كان يتمتّع به سماحته من نبوغٍ مبكرٍ ظهر عليه منذ سني طفولته الأولى، حيث كانت انطلاقته العلميّة منذ سنّ الثّامنة، ومن أهمّ ما ميّزه، أنّه كان كثير النّقاش، إضافةً إلى دخوله عالم الأدب وهو في سنّ الثّالثة عشرة تقريباً...

In this video, His Eminence, Sayyed Muhammad Ali Fadlullah, relates some of the childhood memories he experienced with his elder brother, the late Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah (ra). He recalls the promising childhood of His Eminence (ra) and how he demonstrated his intelligence, distinction and success at such an early age, pointing that such a start boosted up His Eminence's academic life which began at the age of eight or nine, which is not common. He clarifies that this was due to his distinctive ability to absorb information and discuss any thought he would receive. He also relates how His Eminence stepped in the world of literature at the age of thirteen only.