Download: Angry Ponies [REMAKE]

By RarityIsBeast


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Remember the old Angry ponies I made on my old channel?
Yeah, well, I remade it FOR YOU GUYS!
I absolutely HATED my first version, so I thought, why not make a better one? So that's what I did.
Sure, there are a bit of off-pitches here and there, and the counter-melody and melody conflict with each other near the end, but it was definitely much, much better than that Applejack sample I used. *disgusted*
I actually meant to upload this for a long time... *fluttershy blush*

Things that changed:
1) I added a bit of visuals, probably a bit boring, but not as boring as the other one. It had no visuals what-so-ever.
2) I added percussion! Yaay!
3) The Fluttershy sample was lowered an octave.
4) The Rarity and Fluttershy sample now sound good together.
5) The Pinkie sample was lowered an octave.
6) Used different percussion samples.
7) Changed the sample near the end of the video from Applejack singing "Family" to Scootaloo playing her piano.
8) Added some counter melody.
9) Added the Pinkie sample fading out at the end.

For anyone who asks: NO. I will NOT be uploading the old one. It sucked way too much IMO, and plus, I don't have the video for it anymore. Sorry.

Anyways, the song is Angry Birds. That's... that's it.

Now, go and enjoy yourselves with this video while I go make some more shit. Good day. *tips hat*