Download: Attack of the Clones - Anti Cheese Edit

By JeremyMWest-Esquire


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Following in my tradition of editing the Prequels, I give you the Anti-Cheese version of Attack of the Clones. This film had some cool stuff in it, but was horribly mangled by the awful dialog and acting, especially between Padme and Anakin. There was also a lot of extra cheese in this one as well that needed to go. So, Anakin and Padme's scenes were drastically edited to make Anakin way less whiny and petulant, and most of the cringe-worthy dialog was removed. Jar-Jar's voice as well as the voice of the Neimodians were either removed or replaced. Several scenes were removed entirely, most notably Anakin's breakdown in the shop at the Lars homestead after killing the sandpeople, and R2 and C3PO are removed entirely from the ending battle in the droid factory and the arena. Those scenes were just too much cheese for my liking. There's about 100 other little edits that tighten things up and helped this fatty lose about 20 minutes of run-time- and frankly I think it's for the better. Again, your mileage may vary. If you want to check out my Anti Cheese edit of Phantom Menace, it's here:

UPDATE- I want to thank the guys over at Collider's Jedi Council for the shout-out in their video on 12-3-15. It was a real honor to be mentioned on the show. You can see the clip here:

Also, I will be working on a commentary track for each video to answer a lot of the questions that have come up. I'm out of commission right now with tonsil surgery, so make sure to subscribe and I hope to have something released in the next month.