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Dino Chargers Ready! Power Ranger Dino Charge's Ultimate Dino Charger Collection is finally here!

Harness the powers of all the Dino Chargers with the Power Rangers Dino Charge Ultimate Charger Collection. The collection includes all 27 Dino Chargers used by the Power Rangers and exclusive Metallic Edition chargers in special edition packaging. The Dino Chargers have push-button-activated, four-sided flip-through graphics. Scan the chargers using the Power Rangers Dino Charge Scanner App to morph into any Dino to battle against the Power Rangers' wicked enemies! Each charger activates features in other Dino Charge items (sold separately).

This Toys R Us Exclusive set contains 27 Metallic Edition Dino Chargers from Power Rangers Dino Charge and Power Rangers Dino Super Charge. This set is Bandai America's version of the DX Zyudenchi Metallic Set (Kyoyuger).

The Ultimate Charger Collection has been spotted at Toys R Us stores in California and Texas. You can also order the product on Toys R Us website. The product is priced at $79.99.

The following Dino Chargers were initially released in this set. Most of these Dino Chargers are included in the first wave of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge products. Spino Dino Charger is not included in this set.
#7 Ankylo (Ankylosaurus)
#9 Plesio (Plesiosaurus)
#10 Brachio (Brachiosaurus)
#23 Dino Clone (Futabasaurus)
+1: T-Rex Super Charger
V: Dino Victory Charger
X: Dino X (Maximum) Charger
SD: Super Drive Charger. .

All-new episodes of Power Rangers Ninja Steel air on Nickelodeon. Saban's Power Rangers (2017 Movie) premieres on March 24th.

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