Download: How to install/flash Cleanflight or Boris B. Betaflight on CC3D with USB-Support

By faris.FPV


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Guide for installing Cleanflight/Betaflight on CC3D ( Flight Controller with full USB Support (only works with connected battery/Power Supply).
Only follow this instructions if you know, what you're doing. This is not for rookies...

What you need:
OpenPilot GCS:
Cleanflight (CC3D .bin) only supported until Version 1.10, later Versions don't support OPBL due to memory limitations:
*OR* Boris B. Betaflight:
STM32 VCP-Driver:
Cleanflight Configurator:
(Works with Betaflight as well)

Update (22.01.2016):
It's been a year now since I made this video. I have no setup anymore running a CC3D. I moved on to other Flight Controllers like
Naze32 Rev5 (
or Flip32 (

Now FC with F3-Processor become very popular and cheap. They have more USARTs, more Memory and are much faster. These are the future:
SP Racing F3 (
Mini SP Racing F3 (
All the above run with Cleanflight or Betaflight.
If you wanna go with OpenPilot you should try this one with F4 Processor:
OpenPilot Revolution (

Some Tips:
Don't forget to check Motor and RX connections after cleanflight/betaflight installation (different order!!!).

If the COM-Port disappears, just click disconnect in Cleanflight. Then disconnect USB-Cable and connect again. CC3D must have external Power (Battery) connected for that, otherwise it won't work. COM-Port should appear instantly when plugging USB again and you can connect in Cleanflight again.

Because it's a Virtual COM-Port, it disappears every time the CC3D is rebooted. It's not that nice, but if you know, it's not a big problem. Didn't find any other solution by now.

See also my Video on how to update Cleanflight on CC3D:

The Typos in the Video are for your amusement ;-)

Feedback appreciated :-)