Download: Water Balloon Shotgun!

By Grant Thompson - "The King of Random"


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Bring out the big guns! Have you ever seen a water balloon shotgun? Here's how to make a High Powered Water Balloon Shooter that will fire 17 balloons at once!

Some quick links to a few of the materials I used:

[✓] Water Balloons:
[✓] 1” Sprinkler valve:
[✓] Momentary switch:
[✓] Tubeless tire valve stem:
[✓] Camo spray paint:
[✓] Vinyl tubing:

Endcard Links:

Candy Cannon:
Mousetrap Gun:
H2O Explodes:
Rocket Rifle:

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Music By: Kevin Macleod (Breakdown)

Project Inspired By:

This was an original idea. Original to me anyway.

Project History & More Info:

Here's how to strike fear into your friends at your next water fight!

You may have joined me for building a hand-held Rocket Launcher and a Candy Cannon in previous projects, but did you know they can be multi-purpose devices? Not only do they launch rockets, and fire clouds of raining candy, they can also be used to fire water balloons .. and these things really fly!

I made a simple mod for the Rocket Rifle by attaching a 2' length of 2" PVC tubing, with some reducer fittings, so that it screws into the 1" in-line sprinkler valve. It's as easy as that!

Testing out some small water balloons from the dollar store, we lost sight of them after a couple hundred feet. That means these water balloons are blasting over 300 feet away! Your friends don't stand a chance!

The balloon blasters are powered by compressed air, so to charge the system, you can either hook them up to an air compressor, or modify the valve to accept a bicycle pump.

A manual valve built into the systems allows the air chambers to be charged with air, then closed, trapping the air in the system, and making the balloon cannons completely portable! You may only get 1 or 2 shots off before having to re-charge however, so strategy will come into play!

With the Candy Cannon, I was able to load up 17 water balloons at once! And rather than just shooting them aimlessly, I targeted my neighbors house. Hopefully they realize that was just "friendly" fire.