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Top 10 viral stories about school prom and graduation
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Much like Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve and a groom-to-be’s bachelor party, prom night can be vastly over-hyped and filled with expectations for what is supposed to be a special, memory-making occasion. There’s the pressure attached to finding a prom date, the need to spend a fortune on fancy new duds and a glitzy mode of transportation and the stress of turning this one night into an unforgettable one. These pressures stem from a cultural obsession with this adolescent rite of passage, with many movies depicting the celebration of a teen’s high school graduation as either a glamorous affair (“High School Musical”) or a horrifying one (“Carrie”).

But Hollywood isn’t real life, and most proms don’t quite measure up to their silver screen equivalents, for better or for worse. Rather than a raucous, fun-filled affair, proms more often feature boring speeches from teachers, the presentation of awards that few people care about and awkward, tension-filled interactions between members of the opposite sex on the dance floor. Bored students adopt the mindset that the real excitement will begin once the after-party gets underway at a pre-arranged house or hotel, but even that quickly descends into a mess of debauchery and drunken, douche-y behavior. At the end of many a prom night, the prom-goer is left with an unshakeable feeling that they’ve somehow done prom wrong by failing to make it the highlight of their high school tenure. The pressure and anxiety surrounding prom night has gotten so bad that at least one British headmaster has opted to skip the end-of-year shindig altogether, explaining that the rising costs of the event contribute to unfair expectations and a burden on parents of students.

The romantic legend of a memorable, life-altering prom has emerged from somewhere – and not just from the pages of a cheesy rom-com script. For some, an older sibling may set the high standard of expectation with their own exaggerated prom tales. Others might be driven by the overly ambitious goals of one party-oriented member of the graduating class – think Stifler in “American Pie”. Or, in other rare cases, maybe the culmination of a critical, transitional chapter in a teen’s life will actually result in stories to be carried forth for years to come. But even in the event of the latter scenario, be careful what you wish for, as not every lasting memory from prom night is a lasting memory that you necessarily want.

For every true to life story of a magical prom night, prom lore is littered with countless other anecdotes of dress snafus, messy breakups, drunken belligerence and a fair share of vomit. The 10 craziest high school prom stories contains some happy tales of heart-warming prom queen anointments and students landing their dream date. But it also features stories that have lived on for all the wrong reasons, more as forewarnings than encouraging reasons for excitement and optimism. Prom has witnessed humiliating accidents, over-the-top parents, abandonments and even the odd arrest or two. With so much of their lives ahead of them, these students have gone on to either fondly recall these epic tales, laugh at their ridiculousness or, in some cases, try desperately to forget that they ever happened.

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