Download: Some Random 1-on-1 MUGEN Tournament 2015 Spring Season 2

By BoggyTheWorm


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Actually it's my third MUGEN tournament in this year. The second one in spring. Besides the elder participants such as Akane, Ryu, Vanilla Ice or Sion, there are also the newcommers. Before I record a MUGEN tournament I always watch 64 qualification matches in my MUGEN to check who will participate in a MUGEN tournament.

Luke Skywalker by DJHannibalRoyce
Akane Satomura by 586
Alexey Zalazof (aka Biff Slamkovich) by Descolor
Mike Haggar by Dick Buckus
Miopinja by NGI
Mizuka Nagamori by Hanma
Mudman by OmegaPsycho
Nameless by Ikaruga
Nanmushi by NGI
Nrvnqsr Chaos by 9
Dhalsim by RajaaBoy
Dan Hibiki by Phantom of the Server
Red Arcueid Brunestud (aka Warcueid) by 9
Enja by Misao
Gandhara by Descolor
Rock Howard by Vyn
Roomi by Ali
Ryu Hoshi by GM
Sagat by Kamekaze
Ignis by Juke Kisaragi
Iori Yagami by H
Shen Woo by Ikaruga
Jin Kazama by SeanAltly
Johnny Cage by OmegaPsycho
Sonic the Hedgehog by MUGENHunter and Veanko
T.Hawk by OmegaPsycho
Kenbo by NGI
Vanilla Ice by Warusaki3
Wolfgang Krauser by Ikaruga
Kujo Jotaro by y.y
Lee Chen by NGI
Luigi by ShinRyoga and NeOAnKh
Adon by Descolor
Mario by ShinRyoga and NeOAnKh
Mickey Rogers by R@CE @KIRA
Arashi by Ali
Aya Syameimaru by Frule
Mr. Jones by Jango (aka WaruiGouki)
Muscle Power by GM
Nanaya Shiki by 9
Deadpool by Infinite
Gambit by Dick Buckus
Peter Griffin by Warner and LuwiigiMaster
Dragon Claw by Reubenkee and Phantom of the Server
Red Arremer by H
Remilia Scarlet by Nachel
Rera by Misao
Ronald McDonald by Kishio and Sennou-Room
Rugal Bernstein by GONZO
Ryuji Yamazaki by Abuhachi
Hulk by Kamekaze
Iku Nagae by Frule
Sektor by Juano16
Shingo Yabuki by Ikaruga
Sion Eltnam Atlasia by 9
Solid Snake by SeanAltly
Kaf-Ka by The_None
Ken Masters by GM
Kim Kaphwan by Vyn
Kouma Kishima by 9
Wolverine by Sander71113
Kyo Kusanagi by Ikaruga
Lucius by DxWho
Viper by The_None

99% of all stages was randomly chosen.