Download: Jurassic Park Builder: JURASSIC Tournament: Part 2 T.Rex Vs T.Rex!! HD

By TheGamingBeaver


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Yes thats right if you're into huge prehistoric Tyrant lizards fighting you then this playlist is going to be the one for you. As I've already maxed out every creature in the jurassic park I'm going to be facing a lot of these now, and in the future.

Jurassic Park Builder has released a new update so now we can all battle our prehistoric creatures all over the internet with one another in a tournament. Now I take on the tournament and see just how far my dinosaurs can take us.

Dino Weakness:

Acrocanthosaurus : Bite
Albertosaurus : Swipe
Allosaurus : Charge
Amargasaurus : Bite
Ankylosaurus : Charge
Baryonyx : Bite
Brachiosaurus : Bite
Brontosaurus : Bite
Camarasaurus : Bite
Carcharodontosaurus : Bite
Carnotaurus : Charge
Ceratosaurus : Swipe
Compsognathus : Swipe
Corythosaurus : Swipe
Dilophosaurus : Charge
Dryosaurus : Swipe
Edmontosaurus : Swipe
Gallimimus : Swipe
Iguanodon : Bite
Nasutoceratops : Charge
Ouranosaurus : Bite
Pachycephalosaurus : Charge
Pachyrhinosaurus : Charge
Parasaurolophus : Charge
Pteranodon : Swipe
Pterodactylus : Swipe
Spinosaurus : Bite
Stegosaurus : Charge
Tapejara : Swipe
Torosaurus : Charge
Triceratops : Charge
Troodon : Swipe
Tuojiangosaurus : Charge
Tyrannosaurus : Bite
Velociraptor : Swipe
Yutyrannus : Bite