Download: PS3 Longplay [016] God of War II (Part 1 of 5)

By World of Longplays


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Played by: D-Skott

Kratos, after his defeat of Ares, has become the new God of War, but unfortunately has not been accepted by the other members of the Greek pantheon due to his ruthless treatment of the other Greek city-states. Kratos is still haunted by memories of the deeds from his past while working under Ares. He finds enjoyment the only way he can, by leading and aiding his Spartan army in conquering Greece. Athena pleads that Kratos stop, telling him that she cannot protect him much longer from the wrath of Olympus and that he should not turn his back on her because it was she who made him a god. Kratos replies that he owes nothing to her and descends to the battle of Rhodes to assist his Spartan army.

God of War II was first released in North America on March 13, 2007. This PS3 version is a remastered port of the PS2 game. On the PS3 it's released under the name God of War Collection.

All chests and easter egg located so this is a 100% run (as far as I know).
I played it on Spartan (normal) difficulty.

Now, get ready for the final part... God of War III!

Timeline in the God of War series:
- God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP/PS3)
- God of War (PS2/PS3)
- God of War: Ghost of Sparta (PSP/PS3)
- God of War: Betrayal (mobile game)
- God of War II (PS2/PS3)
- God of War III (PS3)