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The 12 gauge, Stinky Ugg slam fire black pipe shotgun is a federally legal, single shot, homemade shotgun design that is modeled after the bull pup carbine called Steyr Aug and also Richardson Industries- "Guerilla Gun". The slam fire shotgun is technology dating back to at least World War 2. The Stinky Ugg is a bull pup style firearm like the Steyr Aug. The Stinky Aug has a 19" barrel and is 27.25" total length. It's designed to be shoulder fired and must be reloaded after each shot. Like the Steyr Aug it has an ergonomic pistol grip which helps maintain control of the shotgun and a forward grip on the barrel that makes barrel control more ergonomic. The Stinky Ugg also has a mounted flashlight with laser pointer to keep people safe, and 5 shell holders so that ammo can always be available without ammo being stored in the chamber. I've installed an adjustable $20 red/green reflex sight to help keep people safe. It has a very simple mechanical safety pin, which prevents the shell from contacting the firing pin when it's inserted. I designed this shotgun to be a very basic and simple home defense firearm. It's built from materials/items purchased from local thrift shops and hardware stores.
If you're curious about how I built the Stinky Ugg, I have a video series on the build. Here's a link to the first video of the 4 part series:

I've also added this video and the 4 build videos to my firearm build playlist here:

YouTube video LINK to the World War 2 version of this shotgun:

The Stinky Ugg is similar in design to my more basic Noisy Cricket:

I built this shotgun strictly for my own use and I have no intention to sell it or gift it to anyone. I am not an FFL nor am I a licensed gunsmith. I won't build a firearm or any parts for anyone so please don't ask me to do that. If you do ask, I'll just assume that your a PREDATORY law enforcement officer trying to entrap me in an illegal act and I'll ban your ass from my channel as I've done with others before. "I was just following orders" is not a defense.

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I hope you enjoyed this video. Thanks for watching!