Download: OpenBoR games: Streets of Rage Russia (v2) playthrough - part 1: Normal mode

By BoggyTheWorm


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Half of this year have passed since I recorded a second playthrough in Suhmai's(aka Antyguf's) OpenBoR game. By the several months it has changed a lot. In Streets of Rage Russia we have got new playable characters: Hobo the homeless Shiva, playable Krest, Y.Signal(I should call him Black Signal since he's wearing black jacket), Vatnik, Bulva(I forgot to play as him), Zhirik(aka Vladimir Zhirinovski) and Max Thunder in the military clothes. Hobo is a Shiva edit, which looks like Bum, who is the first boss in this OpenBoR hack. Vatnik and Bulva are the ones of the characters from some russian internet memes. Well. I have no knowledge about the Russian internet. Boxer(a R.Bear edit) has got new clothes too. Zhirik looks like a politician or someone like that. There are also many changes in the enemies and stages. The names of the older ones were changes (for example "Sanya" instead of "Gop", "Scrap" instead of "Gopar"). Also some of the older ones was updated (Boxer/Boar, Slut, Nark, Siniak). There are also more enemies and many of the stages were changed, but the route of this SoR fangame was a bit lengthened. We got also more of the SoR soundtrack. The final battle is no longer in a toilet, but this time it happens in Krest's throne room. Instead of Kolya we have to fight Buryat, an another Shiva edit. There is an another update in this SoR fangame. These are the cutscenes. Most of them remind me a MK3/UMK3 versus screen. In Streets of Rage Russia there are two modes: Normal Mode and Vatnik Mode. I am playing the normal mode first.

WARNING: This playthrough contains nudity!