Download: Kirby & The Amazing Mirror: Boss Endurance Ability Challenge - Cupid/Angel

By Carls493


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Cupid Kirby is also known as Angel Kirby in Japan. Nintendo changed the ability's name to avoid religious references in a game that would otherwise lack them. I say both names fit the ability. The halo helps as an angel, and the bow and arrows help as a cupid. Plus, both of them have charming white wings.


Unique Moves for Cupid Kirby:

Flight: A in midair or hold up.
Drop: A while flying in midair.
Arrow Shot: B. Can be aimed horizontally and diagonally.
Triple Arrow Shot: Hold B until Kirby glows. Can be aimed horizontally and diagonally.
- Can cut ropes.

As you can see, Cupid Kirby is similar to the likes of the Wing and Jet abilities since they all give Kirby some form of flight without having to inflate himself.

Unfortunately, the arrows from this ability are pathetically weak. They can only do a tiny bit more damage to a boss as a Triple Shot, and they can't be fired as fast as Laser Kirby's lasers, either. With all of that in mind, going through Boss Endurance with only this ability takes a very long time.


That's all of the abilities for this game's Boss Endurance. I could make more by using codes that let me use abilities that aren't in the BE's Ability Room, but right now I want to move on to something else.

For now, thanks for watching!


3/13/16 UPDATE: THIS JUST IN! I have finally returned to make two extra Ability Challenge videos that would otherwise be impossible to do. Find the links to them, below, and be sure to read their video descriptions to learn how I made them possible.

U.F.O. Boss Endurance:

Master Boss Endurance:

Thank you very much!