Download: Kagerou Days by Sansloid ( FULL VER. w/ English Subtitles)

By sunnyisrandom


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IT'S HERE YOU GUYS. I'VE FINALLY FINISHED IT. Although it may not be its best, I still worked really hard on it. If anyone is unfamiliar with Kagerou Days watch the original video:
Here's an English Ver.:
The Sansloid song was done by Ochromat. Check out their blog!:
Congratulations to Tim Van Aken!! Their lyrics stood out by its creativity and portrayal of the story. All credits go to them for creating these amazing lyrics. You can view them on CC where I have synced them up to the music or here:

Lyrics created by Tim Van Aken

August 15th at 12:30 noon I look up to the dark sky
Snow gently falling down, it’s just another day
The cold of the underground makes me feel a bit lonely
You make it go away
By staying by my side as the big brother that I’ve always looked up to

“Hey but I.. think everyone deserves a friend.”
Even though the one that you put trust in
had a gaze filled with nothing but murderous intent
I.. believed that you could make them change,
but as you chased towards the person that you were trying to save
A knife took all the hope I had leaving nothing but dust

Then a scream so loud it echoed through the sky,
the pure white snow I saw, now dyed a shade of red
All of me that was left and everything I have said,
the promises that I made came back to haunt me.
“In.. this cruel world, you have two choices left, either kill or be killed.”
those words rang through my head
Snowflakes still falling down, like nothing happened just now
if only I had the power to reset it all

When I opened my eyes again I could hear countless ticking clocks all ringing through my head
When will this story end?
August 15th at 12-something noon I look up to the dark sky
Snow gently falling down,
And yet the voices talking in my head are speaking louder than before

Hey but I.. I really wonder why I try..
because I am completely powerless
All I can do is stay back and watch my bro die
“Hey, I think the two of us should leave.”
But in my feeble attempt to save the only one I held dear
only a second was enough to take it all away again

Stabbing holes and slicing you to bits
the kid appearing out of the blue struck yet again
The powerlessness inside, those bright red and glaring eyes
these all have to be big lies I must be dreaming
Still caught up in nothing but my disbelief
“You can’t escape from this never ending nightmare”
The killer standing there, the scent of death in the air
My only wish is to save us from this cruel fate

Endlessly I can see that snowy winter day,
the reflections of my past self I’m trying to save
All these roads that lead to a dead end,
by a kid that you desperately tried to befriend

But a story is a story all the same
And today is the time to turn over the last page
Far away and soaring above this underground cage

Intercepting the stab that was meant for you
I pushed you aside to protect you from your fate
The white snow around us, the soul of the murderer
now share the same shade of red
You just can’t take it
In this cruel world, is it kill or be killed?
“I believe in a good end” those words ring through your head

Maybe this winter day has finally gone away
But that’s all I’ll say so this is where it end now

August 14th alone in his room a skeleton just woke up repeating just the same
Muttering in tears

“Not the end I was hoping for..” I’ll just have to try again
“I will stay determined”

**Some of the ideas I portrayed in the animation I know aren't canon, like papyrus not bleeding, etc. It just seemed like an interesting to put in.

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The characters are from Toby Fox's game "Undertale" :