Download: Takumi-kun Series 1 ♥DaiMao Version♥ [HD/Eng Subs]

By merryshannon


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Deleted scenes, flashback scenes and DVD special features combine to create a "DaiMao" retelling of the first Takumi-kun film.

♥This is a fan-made video. I do not own the Takumi-kun series or characters.

♥No copyright infringement intended, please do not redistribute.

♥I know very little Japanese. Translations were derived from existing subtitled videos, and edited for continuity and clarity.

♥Text screens are purely my own additions, and were added to enhance the storyline for English-speaking fans. They have not been endorsed by the filmmakers or copyright holders. Some are based loosely on a fan translation of the original Takumi-kun novel:

♥Please support the Takumi-kun series by purchasing the official DVDs, manga and novels:

♥This story is about boys falling in love with each other - in Japan it's called BL (Boys' Love) or Yaoi. If that's not cool with you, don't watch.

♥The story also alludes to childhood sexual abuse. Those who find the subject a trigger should consider themselves warned.

Trauma in high school student Hayama Takumi's childhood has led to an anti-social personality and a phobia of being touched. When Saki Giichi, the most popular kid in his all-boys school, develops a crush on him, their classmates only bully Takumi more. Gii's sincerity and tenderness gradually win Takumi's heart, but overcoming his phobia is another matter. Gii's the only person who's ever really loved him, but will he still feel that way once he's learned Takumi's secret?
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