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TV Repair help with troubleshooting lines on your TV Screen. Go through the questions in this video to better understand the lines on your TV. Take notes during video. Click Here to BUY TV REPAIR PARTS:

This video is designed to help you better understand the symptoms that your TV is showing and to also help you when gathering information and troubleshooting when seeking help for your TV repair. When troubleshooting, be sure to ask the following questions and take notes as you are observing the symptoms. After you have found the answers to these questions about the lines on your TV, feel free to call our customer service department at the number on your screen. You having this information will allow us to better diagnose your TV in a quicker and more accurate way.
We will now go over some common symptoms that TVs can show and what we should look for in greater detail with these symptoms. The first symptom, lines going across the screen. Are the lines vertical or horizontal?
Are the lines a certain color or black and white?
What section of the TV, do the lines show up in?
The top half? The lower half? The right side? Or the left side?
Is your screen discolored?
Do the lines always appear on the screen when using different inputs?
For example, if you switch from HDMI-1 input to HDMI-2 input, are the lines still there?
When you pull up the menu on your TV, do the lines on the screen show up over the menu or behind the menu?
Do the lines always appear on the screen or are they intermittent?
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