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By EverUponATime


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IT'S FINISHED :D :D :D This was a super ambitious project for me to take on, considering how new I still am to this game, but I was so determined to tell Kida's story... and now, a solid six months later, we're here and it's finished! I really hope you're as satisfied by watching it as I've been by making it :)

"Just as Eris is the Goddess of Chaos on Earth, on the planet of Atlantis she is the Goddess of Peace. The Atlanteans neglected their Goddess, however, and she plunged the planet into chaos as punishment. The Emperor’s Speaker for the Gods, Tzekel Kan, advises that the only way to win back Eris’ love is to make a sacrifice to her, something that hasn’t been done in decades. Loathe to sacrifice his own people, the Emperor sends his daughter, Kida, to Earth to harvest humans for the sacrificial altar.

Within seconds of Kida’s arrival on Earth, the first human she meets saves her life and she is confused- Tzekel Kan taught her that humans are base, crude and immoral, yet Tarzan risked his life to save hers. She knows she must still do her duty, and allows Tarzan to touch her crystal, marking him as a sacrifice.

Meanwhile, Jim activates his portal and decides to travel to the African jungle… where he bumps into Kida. Her alien appearance doesn’t put him off for long and soon the two are sharing their stories and growing close. Jim learns to trust Kida and takes her with his portal to his ship. Kida is desperately torn- her entire planet is relying on her to bring humans back, yet it breaks her heart when she touches the crystal to kind, generous, adventurous Jim’s forehead to mark him for the altar. She steals his portal and uses it to visit Swan Lake, where Odette and Sinbad live happily together.

Inevitably, Odette finds Kida and curiously touches her crystal… not knowing that the crystal would slowly take possession of her body. All three marked humans, Tarzan, Jim and Odette, begin to lose control. Tarzan is consumed by guilt for being unable to stop himself from attacking Jane, Jim cannot escape his ship without the portal and finds himself trapped in a nightmare world and Odette watches from within herself as the crystal tries to destroy her happy relationship with Sinbad. Jane fears that Tarzan will eventually kill her, and although she knows it’s not his doing, she makes the heart-rending decision to leave him.

Finally, the marked humans are called to Atlantis. Her task complete, Kida is called back too. She tries to convince her father that sacrificing these humans is as wrong and wretched as sacrificing an Atlantean, but her father, responsible for restoring peace to his people, will hear none of it.

Tzekel Kan prepares to sacrifice Odette first, while Tarzan and Jim, entirely consumed by the crystal, quietly await their turn and Sinbad, as yet unmarked, futilely tries to fight his way to Odette.
At the last moment, Kida makes her decision: she cannot watch while innocent humans are murdered, she cannot live with herself for being responsible for their deaths. She takes the humans’ place and offers herself up to Eris. The Goddess is satisfied by the offer of the Emperor’s daughter’s soul. History repeats itself as she returns the Book of Peace to Sinbad and peace is restored to Atlantis.

The humans are returned to Earth. Tarzan and Jane are reunited, Jim can’t stop missing Kida, Sinbad and Odette’s love is stronger than ever. Sinbad finds the portal that Kida left at Swan Lake, and uses it to go to Jim’s ship. Sinbad knows from his previous adventures that Eris lives in Tartarus and Jim, hoping that Kida will be there with Eris, uses his portal to travel to the Goddess’ home.
Jim will portal to Tartarus many more times in the future- and his visits keep Kida content during the rest of her life of servitude to Eris."

So yeah, that's that :) I wanted it to be like some of the original back-story actually exists in mine... like Sinbad actually did travel to Tartarus to save Proteus, there was just no Marina involved, and Jim really did find a portal which he uses to visit exciting new places, Tarzan and Jane really did meet and fall in love and Odette lives at her lake but there's no swan-spell and no Derek.

Feel free to comment, I really want to hear your opinion, what you liked/didn't like and what I should try again or tweak or avoid :)

Happy New Year! :)

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