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By Anime Jason


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Jennifer Walters was unable to contain the burning rage which now flooded through her veins. A chemical change came over the young lawyer, releasing the gamma rays present in her cells since that fateful blood transfusion two months ago. At the very same time, Jen felt something stir in her soul, a part of her she always kept repressed and hidden away - and this soul fragment wanted freedom!

Unable to control the physical and psychological alterations of her being, Jennifer ran to a nearby alley to hide from each passer-by's gaze. She knew all too well that fighting the Change without tranquilizers was a battle lost in advance. So, the young woman could only try to find a place where the impending and inevitable transformation would happen covertly.

Leaning on a brick wall, breathing heavily, Jennifer tried one last time to reduce her pulse rate and control her emotions but to no avail : irradiated adrenalin had burst into her system and was pumping stronger than ever, triggering the lawyer's transformation into her savage self!

Primal instincts were gradually chasing her rationality away and an incredible power began to manifest in her jolting body, weakening Jennifer's willpower even more. Massive amounts of mutated oestrogen and endorphins were released in her system in turn, stimulating her femininity and helping to keep the pain of the transformation in check. Once again, Jennifer didn't want to indulge in these powerful feelings but she cared about it less and less as her personality was gradually shifting into the She-Hulk's one. Finally, her resolution faded away and the Emerald Amazon took possession of her, enjoying her moment of triumph...

As soon as Jennifer surrendered to the transformation, a strange green hue quickly replaced her normal skin color, matching her dilated eyes. In parallel, the young woman's body gained size and mass at an astonishing speed, stretching her white summer dress more and more. It was obvious that another startling change was affecting the growing woman : Jennifer's musculature was developing steadily as biceps, thighs and back muscles drank in the Change, appearing to delight in the power they were being given. In a few seconds, Jen's body gained proportions rivaling those of the most accomplished athletes in the world ! A hint of a smile appeared upon the forming amazon's face, her eyes closed before the onslaught of feelings and sensations taking hold of her.

But the transformation wasn't over yet. All of a sudden, Jen's green hue darkened to a vivid emerald tone, this color shift heralding the main phase of her metamorphosis. Moans from both pleasure and pain escaped Jennifer's lips as a new surge of growth affected her body, hips and chest widening to give her an hourglass shape every woman could envy. Her usually plain hair lengthened up to her powerful shoulders, disordered dark green curls multiplying to form an impressive wild mane. Jennifer gnashed her teeth as her face's bone structure reshaped itself to give her new and even more beautiful features, the young woman's lips plumpening sensualy. Light-green nails extended beyond Jen's fingertips and became strong as iron, digging grooves in the brick wall she was leaning against.

The rising fury's muscles experienced an impressive growth again as the power of gamma rays was fully released, changing the demure lawyer into the most powerful woman on Earth ! This time, Jen's white dress couldn't face such a fast and massive expansion and the small rips which had formed so far enlarged drastically in a staccato of sounds, revealing measurably more of the Amazon's incredible jade body. Deep inside her, the fading Jennifer felt embarassment about this exposure but to her surprise some excitation as well; her natural inhibitions were blatantly subdued by the She-Hulk's strong nature and in a last moment of clarity she wondered which part of her the jade giantess gave life to...

The She-Hulk was fully conscious now and ignored Jennifer's qualms easily; in fact, she knew that the last steps of the transformation would make short work of her modesty. The Amazon threw back her head and couldn't repress a sensual and satisfied roar as her already impressive breasts tore through the dress front, while her buttocks were also swelling to the same extent, further destroying the overmatched cloth.

The Green Goddess was back !

Digital Art by: Thomas Aaron aka Unzipped (Former moderator of the now debunked Geocities page, Homage to Savage She-Hulk)

Framework by: marston004

Editing by: Jason Andrew Ayala (aka AnimeJason2011)