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Watch Malayalam full length movie Watch full length Malayalam Movie "Black Mail" (1985) is a Malayalam action & Romantic Thriller movie. Directed by Cross Belt Mani. Starring Ratheesh, Balan K Nair, Sathar, Devika, Anuradha, Jayamalini, Madhuri and others. Even if the movie is on the 80's. You must salute the director for the tremendous making of the movie in a very spectacular manner. All the action sequences and where abouts are made in very good way which may give the feeling the move as a 100% complete action pack.

Suresh , Johny & Ramesh are very notorious criminals. Where as Suresh is specialized in knife shooting, Johny is in Shooting with any rifles, Ramesh is a Judo specialist. Vijayan is a police officer who is in after these folcks to tie them up. mooppan is the leader of tribes in a remote forest Malu & Devu are his daughters. Rani and her father were being kidnapped by the the three.They had got a legendary sword from the great kulashekara Varma.

To get the confirmation they held as hostage. And held hostages in forest. Movie is on swing by the chase behind the three criminals by Vijayan.The Movie is starting with the forest sequences. Suresh , Johny & Ramesh wandering on forest with the hostages. Mean while Vijayan ties his boot to catch them and sets off to forest with two constables.But he was a bi t late. Mean while the three gathers in to the Moopan's colony and they manages to own the support from Mooppan.

They pretends as scientists. Actually they are behind the hidden treasure in forest which's route isencoded in two swords. Suresh notes an affair with Devu in order to trace the treasure in forest. Vijayan also gets close to malu. Movie then goes to some roamntic sequences throughout. Then some it of action comes in to the topic. Vijayan has a Police dog being accompanied. It's so amzing to see the tricks nad tweaks of it. Some shots are made with Dog and Horse.

Which seems to be quite un believable i that 80's canvas. Vijayan saves Rani and her father. Mean while Devu gets pregnanat. She finally realizes the true face of suresh. Vijayan and crew gets imprisoned by Moopan. And set to be killed. What may happen next? Will Viajayan stop them before they get the treasure? What about Malu & Viajayan? What about Devu? So many questions. One Answer switch to full movie. Brought to you by Hot n Sour Entertainment Company.

Directed by: Cross Belt Mani

Starring: Ratheesh
Balan K Nair

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