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Initializing link download... Initializing link download..... ,How to get a girl to have sex with you FAST.How to Pick Up Tourists in Your City.Make her happy. Even if she isn't your girl just yet, do something to thrill her. The smallest of things can win her over.

Surprise her. Nobody's talking diamonds here. Flowers, her favorite food, a new CD, anything. She'll be likely to show her gratitude physically.
Do something for her. Has she been complaining about wanting new headphones? Did she miss biology class and needs the notes? Take the time to listen and find opportunities to help her out.
Catch her in the mood. Odds are you'll be able to tell when she's feeling kissable. Take in her appearance and behavior and gauge what mood she's in.

If she's calm and flirty, she's there. Note if she's touching you and smiling. Make sure you have her attention and she's not distracted.
If she's loud and all over the place, she's probably not feeling very romantic. She may be caught up in her day or excited about something else.
Get her alone. Most people aren't comfortable with displays of affection, especially if it's the first kiss. What's more, it should be cozy and intimate. Take her somewhere you won't be interrupted and you can focus on each other.

This includes your cell phone! Turn those notifications off!
Be kissable. Bad breath is the last thing you want on your mind to worry about. Brush your teeth and floss regularly.

If you expect the moment, pop a mint or chew some gum beforehand.
Send signals. She needs to know that you're into her and would welcome her kiss. Make it clear that you would not turn her down--girls get just as nervous about rejection as guys, if not more.

Depending on your relationship, touch her lightly. This could be on her arm, hands, or leg. If you have the opportunity, throw your arm around her and keep her close.
Don't rush. If the relationship is new, take it slow. Good things come to those who wait, after all. She may feel the need to trust you first.