Download: Sonic The Hedgehog 2: Final Stage Death Egg Zone -Sonic Run Only- (PS3 Gameplay)

By Jason Wilkinson


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The Final Battle

Easy took out Sliver Sonic (Not Metal Sonic or Mecha Sonic) well with some odd reason this is the favorite final boss not because it is hard but the final boss theme Death Egg Robot (Sonic 2 Version) or I recall as Metal Robotnik
it really get stuck in my head so I spice thing up a little

Music Overwrite using Death Egg Robot Theme from Sonic Generation -Console Version-:
Death Egg Robot Phase 1 -1 to 4 Hits-
Death Egg Robot Phase 2 -4 to 8 Hits-
Death Egg Robot Pinch -8 to 12 Hits-

I took long to beat this final boss because there is a reason: some people mostly get this over and done with less an a minutes, me I like to take my time on this avoid losing a life also it is the safe way to do it will take lots of time and it is worth it ("maybe") plus it sudden death

Also this stage will end in a big bang again (footage from Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga - Episode IV. Death Star Destruction also reference from iOS Remastered Version: Sonic 2 logo at the end of the good ending and Death Egg Crashing down to the flowing island and again Dr.Robotnik get mad (like in Sonic 1) and Knuckles is hiding in the brushes ("Epic-Foreshadowing")

This video will replay again as Bad Ending via level select

Final Results
Score: 329850
Lives: 14
Lives Lost: 0
Game Over: 0
Time Over: 0
Continue Obtain: (get back to that)
Continue Used: 0