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टालमटोल और खलेरा - सफलता के दो दुश्मन । Procrastination & Clutter | This motivational video will help you to overcome procrastination and clutter. These both are enemies of your success. And the interesting thing is that you already know these foes but do nothing to get rid of them. Either you do not know how to overcome procrastination and even if you know you do not believe it and if you believe, you do not do any thing. Do you?

Procrastination kills our productive time and clutter occupies the productive space
of our mind. Both these enemies give you anxiety and keep you away from success. Most of your productive time is wasted in locating things and your brain and body, both get tired.

Let us discuss procrastination first, that is putting today's work to tomorrow.
You start with full bang and zeal and then your all enthusiasm go down. You donot
get motivated to start it again. You feel head ache in your head, feel tired and
ultimately think that your luck is bad. It is not in your destiny to succeed. And
you get stress, tensions, worries, sorrows, frustrations, guilt
feeling, deprssion, disappointment, panic and regret. A number of such ailments with
only one procrastination and then you try to get solution for each and every ailment.

This hindi motivational lecture is not to be confused between time table and procrastination.
e.g. I reply to your comments after 11 pm only. It is the scheduling but at 11 if you
think whether to reply now or afterwords is procrastination.

There are only three solutions to the problem of procrastination. One, do the work
now, Two, do the work now and three, do the work now. What ever is done now is
actually done, otherwise you do not do anything afterwords.

I have told you to prioritize the tasks daily in one of my videos. And my observation
is, you have started prioritizing and also a list is made daily, but you have not started
doing. Still you are procrastinating.

If you check your wallet now, you will find a number of visiting cards given by people
to you. Why dont you process them now. Either throw them away, or fix them in an album
or save the data in your cell phone or send the message of thanks. Either of these
cards should not come in your hands again.

You have got a wedding invitation. Do not keep it on television. Do it what ever you
like to. You can note the particulars like place, time, day and date and throw it
in trash bin. Otherwise you will do like it only.

Sudden arrival of visitors, and even emails and calls and messages are equally responsible
for your procrastination. The visitors come to you without any prior program only
because you did the same thing. My record is I never go to people withou giving the a
call, may be my son, my sister, my friends etc. And they do the same way.

My younger son, Him eesh Madaan is now a renowned motivational speaker of India. We
live in same house. Whenever we feel busy, we shut the doors of our rooms and display
plate at our door, do not disturb, please. After all both of us are to maintain
our success.

Your friends send you the forwarded messages, jokes, poems. If you enjoy reading them
then it is OK, if you delete them the politely send them a text message, please do
not send me the forwarded messages, I personally do not like my inbox to receive such messages. Otherwise, nothing against you.

Like wise, the clutter waste your productive time and energy. keep the things on
proper places at very first time. Even my email inbox is never cluttered. I process
the emails at first stance, reply or forward. And after that I delete them all and if
I need to keep any of them I move them to their respective folders.

This motivational video in Hindi is my another effort to help you succeed in your
personal and work life.

Thanks for watching this motivational training seminar. My best wishes are with you
May you get more success and more happiness. This motivational video on procrastination
and clutter will help you reach your destination fast. This motivational video is
being dedicated to my friends, santosh Nair and Sandeep Maheshwary.

T S Madaan
Motivational Speaker & Life Coach