Download: Blade and Soul Kung Fu Master Skill Animations

By Shiro


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Compilation of (almost) all KFM skill animations, from different angles. Ever looked through and wondered how a certain skill actually looks like? Maybe you don't play KFM but want to understand them better to counter them in PvP or sync your playstyle with theirs in PvE, but you don't understand how each skill looks like just by looking at the skill tree on that site.

Well this video is to help with that! Using the site for skill descriptions, and this video to see them in action, you can get a general detailed idea how KFM's use skills!

Skill times in the video with their in-game name:

0:03 Swooping Crane
0:07 Flying Slam
0:13 Guiding Fist
0:19 Tiger's Pounce
0:24 Straight Jab
0:35 Swift Strike
0:45 Tiger Strike
0:54 Shin Kick
1:04 Cyclone Kick
1:10 Searing Blow
1:21 Counter
1:33 Elbow Smash
1:44 Iron Shoulder
1:53 Hellfire Kick
2:02 Comet Strike
2:12 Leading Palm
2:23 Leg Sweep
2:31 Triple Kick / Firestorm Kick
2:38 Avenging Fist
2:48 Rising Dragon
3:00 Tremor
3:10 Flurry
3:19 Sky Kick
3:29 Smite
3:39 Rising Kick
3:49 Falling Star
3:57 Grapple / Meteor Slam
4:07 Ground Pound
4:12 Clobber
4:21 Headbutt
4:28 Pummel
4:35 Chokehold
4:47 Armbar
4:59 Power Drop
5:04 Searing Palm
5:14 Ice Guard
5:23 Tornado
5:30 Somersault Kick
5:40 Retreat
5:50 Second Wind
5:58 Shadow Dance / Footwork
6:05 Backstep

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