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By JubyPhonic


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Will you remember?

I can't think of what to put here.
I was going to type out this big thank you
and wrap it all up nice and neat, but now
that I'm here...I'm kind of at a loss for words.
Hard to believe it's been about a year
and a half since I began, right?
Years and minutes really do fly by (ha).
But ya know, I've been just so lucky
to have this chance to sing for you guys,
and I stop and smile about it everyday.
You'll never know how it's changed my life.
See? I keep pausing!
Aaargh I can't think of anything to type here!
Whatever, just go and like...hug your mom.
Be happy.
I'm out.

Original Video:
Piano Cover (by Wing):
Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement/Guitar:Jin | Twitter @jin_jin_suruyo
Bass:Mashiro Shirakami mylist/31254835
Drums:Yumao mylist/16352476
Movie Director:Shidu
Contact:ずきお mylist/20065466

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The sun's been nice the past few days
I sit around just to watch all the clouds
A lazy hazy blue sky time
This sighing air that's closing my eyes

A memory that just won't come
It's getting harder everyday
Cuz years and minutes all fly by
And just like that we're old and grown

Adult world plans to understand
The midnight walks, funny signals to talk
"Let's fight the day, it's war" we'd say
Hold out your lone hand and rise up against

It made no sense but went with it
The lonely hearts just too weak to resist
Lost as I was and never found
I couldn't take another round

Parting through waves in this tall field of grass
Glaring a hole through hazy sun
Shouting to me turning to your side
"Don't wanna be alone? Then come and don't!"

Even the things that I felt from before
Born in the noise that had knocked at my door
Fold in my mind and slowly flying out of sight
"Was it all a dream in the haze?"

A secret place for me and you
Where everyday was fun and new
A simple time played in our heads
We'll tell this story again
A jet stream shoots across the sky
"It's just so bright" we stare wide eyed
What did your face look like back then?
I don't know why, but I can't see it at all

A welcomed pained reality
Ran through and soon had all passed me on by
Our chosen days go slow in pace
But any second could come falling down

Played overtime the past few days
Adults afraid and then looking away
I think somewhere along on the road
We realized a lot about...

Feeling the world going 'round and around
Seeing a dying sun beat down
Shining a haze as the rays give way
"Never forget but time to move ahead"
Tapping our feet, run to meet future days
Dreaming away of tomorrows we made
No going back, we're moving to that world ahead
"Change it knowing you're not alone"

"But know deep down, it's over now"
"Our secret place, our final page"
Lost as we were and what we found
We'll tell this story again
The lonely kids will take a stand
Make up their minds and make a plan
Day after day they turn the page
"We'll meet again someday"

"Refreshing, isn't it?" we say
A summer sky as clear as day
Let's breathe the air, try not to cry
It's time to say our goodbyes
A secret place for me and you
We laughed away the Summertime blues
"Remember every page somewhere"
"and we might meet" So I will draw it again

Day after day