Download: Terraria - AFK Key Mold Farm (Detailed Version)

By Avid Indoorsman


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Hey everyone! I decided to make a more detailed version of a video Demize made about his Key Mold Farm.
Watch his Video here :

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---------------------------------Materials Needed---------------------------------

You will need :
- 12 Spear Traps
- 100 Jungle Temple or Mud Blocks with jungle grass growing on it. (Jungle Biome)
- 100 Snow Blocks (Snow Biome)
- 350 Red, Purple and Pink Ice Blocks. (Red = Crimson, Purple = Courruption, Pink = Hollowed Biome, keep in mind Hollowed and Courruption cancel eachother out).
- 25 Wire, with 1 Lever and a 1 sec Timer.
- 2 Buckets of Honey or Water
- Atleast 250 Wood

!IMPORTANT!: If you don't want to use Purple/Red Ice Blocks, you must use 350 Crimstone/Ebonstone and 450 Snow blocks for your Snow biome.

- Chest(s)
- Campfire
- Water Candle
- 100-350 Walls of any kind.
- ~500 Blocks of your choice.

- Platform 14x7
- Snow Biome 10x10
- Jungle Biome 10x10
- Crimson Biome (Red Ice) 17x18
- Courruption Biome (Purple Ice) 17x18

More info on Artificial biomes here if you are having trouble still. :)

* The reason for using Ice Blocks is it counts for both your Snow Biome and the Biome the color of the ice pertains to.
**Build it in the order I do if you build all four biomes.
**Make sure if you use mud blocks for the jungle biome to plant jungle grass on it, otherwise it will not count.
** If the Jungle fish or Blood jellies aren't spawning, you should be alright, any mob killed in that area should have a chance to drop the key molds.

Start with a 14 wide platform (Counting the one block on each side), and follow the video.


Q) I got all the mobs to spawn, and that's good but they stay in the water!
A) Make sure you stand in the Honey/Water pool you made.

Q) Can I use crimson blocks?
A) Yes, but you need to add another 450 Snow Blocks to your Snow Biome square.

Q) My Ice Blocks are turning pink will it still work?
A) No, it will cancel out your Crimson. Get it away from Hallowed area. You ould also use Snow Blocks instead.

Q) Is there something wrong if blood jellies aren't spawning?
A) Yes, that means you probably have a Hallowed Biome made, take it out and replace it with Corruption.

Q) How do you plant jungle grass on the mud blocks?
A) Jungle Grass Seeds, make sure you do it on at least half of the Jungle Mud Blocks you use.

Q) Can I use Pearlstone Blocks instead of Pink Ice for the Hallowed Key Mold?
A) Yes, just make sure you add another 450 Snow Blocks to your Snow Biome.

Q) The only monsters spawning are ocean monsters. I am also on mobile. Is something wrong with my farm?
A) IOS/Moblie have different spawning than PC/Console it seems you should be fine as long as you meet all requirements for them to spawn.
-No Hallowed and Crimson together.
-Jungle grass if using Jungle Mud Blocks, etc.

Q) Does it matter what side the Purple Ice Blocks and Red Ice Blocks are on?
A) Nope.

Q) I can’t find any Spear Traps any help?
A) You can use any other traps.

Q) ZOMG! The Jungle Fish/Blood Jellies are not spawning!
A) Make sure you do not have Hallowed and Crimson together if you Blood Jellies do not spawn.
Make sure you have planted Jungle Grass Seeds on at least Half of your Jungle Mud Blocks.

---*If you have other questions, comment with your unit(Console,PC,Mobile,IOS, Etc) and then tell me the problem.*---