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By JesusfreakPC


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The Hebrew language [עִבְרִית] will be way more fun for you now, even if you just watch the first 5 minutes of this video for a great tip in learning how to write (print) beautiful Hebrew letters. But if you are looking for a jump-start into the Hebrew language, "Teaching Myself Hebrew" is a series that I have been doing for the past couple of years, and this Hebrew Language Tutorial is completely dedicated to beginners in Hebrew who might appreciate a crash-course in Hebrew.

Therefore, in this video you shall find a compilation of the very BEST of all the Hebrew Lessons that I have done so far, hopefully put together in such a way that you might just have FUN and even be somewhat entertained while learning the Hebrew language.

• Hebrew printing tips and tricks
• Learn how to print Biblical Hebrew letters with calligraphic style
• Learn the entire Hebrew Alphabet (Alephbet)
• Learn Hebrew Vowels - Niqqud - Pointing and Dotting
• Learn how to ask questions in Hebrew
• Learn Hebrew greetings and salutations
• Learn useful Hebrew words and phrases
• Learn how to begin your own Hebrew Language Notebook
• An informative and entertaining Hebrew language experience

For those who might have already seen many of my Hebrew language tutorials, now you have a one-stop video for everything up to date, edited and put together in such a way that it might just be an all-new experience even for the most avid viewer. Enjoy.
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STRANGE THINGS Happen When Studying HEBREW! -

Biblical HEBREW Language: How to say, "OUR FATHER, Which art in Heaven, HALLOWED be Thy Name." -

Biblical HEBREW: How to say, "Blessed is He that cometh in the Name of the Lord" (Luke 13:35). -

The Entire HEBREW Aleph-bet with Calligraphic Style (Under 4 minutes) w/music -
1) Teaching Myself HEBREW - Learning to write cool Hebrew letters with style - שָׁלוֹם - Shalom -

2) Teaching Myself HEBREW - עִבְרִית Hebrew - Mastering the Letter - א - Aleph - אָלֶף -

3) Teaching Myself HEBREW - Alphabet - Hebrew Aleph-Bet - from אָלֶף Aleph א to י Yud - Part 1 -

4) Teaching Myself HEBREW - Alphabet - Hebrew Aleph-Bet - from כ Kaf to צ Tsadee - Part 2 -

5) Teaching Myself HEBREW - Alphabet - FINISH Hebrew Aleph-Bet - from ק Kof (Kuf) to ת Tav - Part 3 -

6) Teaching Myself HEBREW - VOWELS - Niqqud - Hebrew Vowel Pointing and Dotting -

7) Teaching Myself HEBREW - How to ask questions - 7 easy Hebrew Words of inquiry -

(8) Conversational HEBREW - Greetings & Salutations in Hebrew - CALLIGRAPHIC Printing of Hebrew Words -

9) Teaching Myself Hebrew - How To Print HEBREW WORDS with CALLIGRAPHIC STYLE & Music -

10) HEBREW for BEGINNERS - What's in your Hebrew NOTEBOOK -
The Great SHAKING & The POTTER's CLAY & YOUR Turning of Things UPSIDE DOWN -


שָׁלוֹם - Shalom - The Priestly Blessing -