Download: 04 24 10 SSG TimerAndCapacitor

By ScorchGD


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Another quick video around the lab.

This time I'm running an experiment that utilizes Telsa Pulse DC technology.

The SSG basically is pulsed DC and with the help of an induction coil it's possible to extract even more energy from this system.

I have placed a 900 turn induction coil (leftover bifilar) in series with the destination battery.
Then a bridge rectifier in parallel with said induction coil.
The output from the rectifier is fed into a 2900uf, 350v capacitor which rapidly charges.
Then a timing circuit and relay is used to discharge the extra energy, through a buffer resistor (incandescent bulb) back into the source battery.

This test is more for demonstration of concept and I do not expect to see a Coefficient Of Power any greater than 1. This is still a very small system which still has many inefficiencies including very poor impedance as the energy tries to work it's way through the pile of spaghetti I tossed together here on the bench.

The goal is to build better Energizer with better impedance and higher output. As well as eliminate other inefficiencies such as replacing the electromechanical relay in favor of a solid state device or a purely mechanical switch operated directly by the motor.

Not exactly sure where all I can utilize the Tesla Pulse Technology.
Would like to try and see if it's possible to convert this SSG to a single battery operation just for demonstration purposes....

That is all for now.