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Cynthia Amarachi was initiated in her mother’s womb as an agent of satan. She said the demons had discovered that her destiny was to win many souls to the kingdom of God and therefore, they tampered with her destiny and initiated her into their side. There were triplets in her mother’s womb although the doctors only saw one baby. When she came out, the other two babies were spiritual and guided her in her mission of destruction. She saw them as other physical people and would interact with them but no one else could see them. When she was born, she was very sick and a lot of money was spent on her recovery. At the age of 8, she started her evil mission of destruction as instructed by the two spiritual twins. She would initiate other children and cause accidents which claimed many lives. She was armed with many biscuits, sweets and other things to share with children at school which appeared in her empty locker at school and so far as they accepted something from her hand, they were initiated into the kingdom of darkness. The initiates would find themselves swimming in their dreams and eventually find themselves in a grand hall where the real initiation would take place. The kind of people they targeted were people with great intellectual capacity and futures and parents of these victims would notice that their children suddenly became dull.
In secondary school, she became a manipulator of men and had many powers to seduce men, even including pastors to bring them down. She had the ability to attract male attention any time she wanted it. It was at this time that she had the jewels put into her teeth to attract and seduce and this was where the most powerful demon resided in her body. If someone wanted to take a journey by road, she would appear there as a beautiful woman and as he breathed out, it would enter the person’s car as a mist. If the person was anointed, they could resist her and keep on driving but if they were not so, they would have a strong urge to stop for her and pick her up. Once she was in their car, the person was finished spiritually, emotionally and financially.
Their typical targets were so called Christians who would proclaim what they were not and while they belonged to the kingdom of darkness, they would say other things enraging the wrath of demons and evil spirits against them. When someone is hypocritical, they are inviting the kingdom of darkness into their lives.
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Spiritual warfare is real and is going on every day. This is the end times so please give your life to Christ; the time is short.

SCOAN 25/10/15 ,Sunday Live Service , Prophet T.B. Joshua ,Emmanuel TV, 25 October,2015