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By Cray


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The Sims 4 "Hey Jessie" Challenge:

The Rules:

Note, im doing it based on the show, this is why some of the rules i mentioned in the first video applies to how i do the challenge. (Children from different orientations, the names of the kids and the nanny herself is Jessie.)

1. The nanny can be anyone, she doesn't have to be Jessie, you can create any sim with any name and insert her into game-play as your main sim to start with. She can be a young adult, adult, and an elder.

2. You need to adopt 4 children [I said 5 by mistake, i recorded this late at night so i apologize for the misunderstanding], doesn't matter boys or girls, and you can adopt ether a baby or a child as you like, and of course you can name them whatever you like. :)

3. You are allowed to use the money cheats in order to build your dream house which in it you'll raise the children until they're adults. And move out.

4. The children must complete they're aspirations BEFORE they become elders, If a child completed his aspiration, you can move him out, once all the children completed their aspirations, the challenge is over. You can have the nanny to have an aspiration and have her to complete it just for fun, but you don't have to.

5. You cant hire help, the nanny has to do everything herself, cooking and cleaning. The children are not allowed to make food, or clean by themselves.

6. You can give the children any traits you want as what you think is right for the kid, and to challenge yourself and your nanny and to make the game more entertaining :) i would not recommend the neat trait though, as i said in the section above, they are not allowed to clean by themselves, or do anything, even as teens or adults.

✦7. Just have fun! Im pretty sure that's about it for my rules, id love to see how your family is turning out with this challenge, feel free to share them with me on twitter, email or via a YouTube message :)✦

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