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First you must modify your hosts file, i forgot to show it so i made another video:
1) install the game
2) run diablo iii and let the game update to lastes version
3) unzip
4) copy extracted files into diablo iii folder, replaceing extisting.
5) unrar d3Viv
6) copy Mooege folder to C:\ (ex C:\Mooege)
7) move diablo iii folder into mooege folder, (ex C:\Mooege\Diablo iii)
8) run C:\Mooege\Diablo iii ip Injector\Single Player.bat

if you get error 3003, just ignore it and keep trying until you get login
If you want to change language, check this video:

Primero debes modificar el archivo hosts, me olvide de mostrarlo en el video, asique hice otro:
1) instala el juego
2) ejecuta diablo iii y deja que se actualize a la ultima version
3) unzip
4) copia lo extraido y pegalo en la carpeta del diablo iii
5) unrar d3Viv
6) copia la carpeta Mooege y pegala en to C:\ (ej C:\Mooege)
7) move la carpeta del diablo iii dentro de la carpeta mooege (ej C:\Mooege\Diablo iii)
8) Ejecuta C:\Mooege\Diablo iii ip Injector\Single Player.bat

si recibes el error 3003, ignoralo y sigue intentando hasta poder entrar al juego
Si quieres cambiar el idioma del juego, mira esto:

Extracted from:

I am using DIablo 3 client-server emulator download, but it also works with the collectors editon.

In case you dant have it, here is the torrent you only need to download one of the two options below (recommend you to download the collectors edition):
option 1: 8 gb collectors edition:

option 2: 16gb server emulator (this is the one i use but it also works with collectors edition):

then you must download the manual patch:

and the emulator:!download|324p12|3720843613|d3Viv.rar|35702|0|0