Download: THE BEST#BRUH MOMENETS EVER (Part 2 Compilations and Vines)

By Nick2Quick


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BRUH! Every Bruh Moment Nick2Quick has reviewed or reacted to is all here like a vine compilation.


Soon I am thinking about adding all my "bruh vine" videos into a huge vine compilation to close out 2014 for some of the best vines by even adding the bruh sound effect in them

All the bruh moment vines/ and moments a;; start here with just one simple click and so you can start you journey on the original bruh moment video I've done on this channel -

If you have access to Vine, the app for creating and sharing short video clips, then you probably know what bruh means.

You've seen one Vine after another (#BruhMovement) where people fall down or pass out to the sound of a guy saying that one word in mock awe. And you've probably seen the clip that started it all, a one-second reaction shot of a man fainting in a courtroom after receiving a lengthy prison sentence, with a voiceover of someone saying bruh. The video was viewed more than 460,000 times in the first five months, according to website Know Your Meme.

Countless bruh memes have been created since. The word has been heard on ESPN and New York morning-radio show The Breakfast Club. And the guy whose voice appears in the original clip lives in Raleigh.

"I made a reaction video to another Vine, using my voice with another video on top of it," says Joseph "Headgraphix" Headen, 24, at a Raleigh watering hole. "Someone else took the audio [of me saying bruh] and put it with the court scene video, and it kind of just went from there overnight."

Headen came up with bruh as a way to sum up an unbelievable thing. "It's a common word, so I didn't really start the word. Like, if someone spilled your drink, you'd be like, bruh—like, really?" Thanks to bruh, Headgraphix is "Vine-famous," popular on the young social-media platform.

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