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By Raynday Gaming


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Smite God Guide with Gameplay and Commentary featuring Cupid, The God of Love, and my new, high damage build for this quick and dangerous Roman matchmaker.

Build: Warrior Tabi, Executioner, Ichaival, Bloodforge, Rage, Deathbringer.

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Raynday's Rundown: Seeing Cupid is usually a good omen, signaling the beginnings of new love. But in Smite, Cupid is a wildly successful hunter with a straightforward kit that performs extremely well in both teamfights and one v one scenarios. Cupid is geared towards beginners, but provides a lot of utility that can allow even intermediate or higher level players to find challenges in optimizing his performance. Cupid works well with God's who have abilities that can force opponents to use their Beads, Aegis or Jumps, as Cupid can follow up with a quick dash and then a Fields of Love (#4 ability) to lock them down and guarantee a big stun and oftentimes a free kill. His ultimate can also be a wonderful tool to both initiate offensively or clear the space defensively, buying allies or even himself some time to heal up or dash away to safety before reengaging on the enemy team. Cupd has a tough time with God's that can stay in his face and put him on his heels, so make sure your position allows you to utilize your dash to get you to safety. On the flipside, Cupid has a knack for putting God's on their heels with a quick dash (or even blink) into a fully stacked Heartbomb (#!). Landing the heartbomb will usually force an immediate retreat and possibly secure a kill, whereas missing it will be like dropping your cards on the table and your enemy finding out you were bluffing all along. They will come at you with everything knowing you have no escape and no stun. If you do miss that heartbomb (and I hope you don't), be sure to have Field of Love ready to hopefully buy some time and disengage.

Overall Cupid is a very fun hunter with a kit that is simple to learn but challenging to master. He can be a great aggressor, and provide medium-high damage and excellent utility from range. Happy Smiting!

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