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- more volume
- less hair fall
- natural

How it works:
The baking soda mixture is applied to the roots only (do not apply to the length of your hair otherwise you ill dry that all out). The mixture will dry up the excess oil without messing with the natural reproduction of oil on your scalp. This means that in future, you will find your hair will not get so oily so fast because your natural oil production is restored. Harsh chemical shampoos tend to strip all the oil from the roots and so your scalp thinks it needs to produce much more than required. Instead of nourishing - it turns out your hair will become an oily oily mess.

So have a go at this.
I didn't believe it at first but now!... i just love it!

Dry method:
rub in the baking soda into dry hair

wet method - as seen in this video.
rinse hair in shower - apply mixture to roots - rub through - rinse out.

and that's it!

don't forget to condition.
Some use apple cider vinegar diluted in water for conditioning the length - but not me. you can try this if you like :)

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