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By Ineedmorelives


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I am 5'0"

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After 21 days (if I decide to stop there) I will start a 21 day juice fast, followed by an Atkins diet until the weight is gone. Being 100% raw was not a good idea for my body or my family. After that, I plan to eat a whole foods paleo diet, including a lot of raw vegetables, but also eggs, fish, and meat. I feel this is the best thing for me personally, and will be easily sustainable for me. We are all different, so one diet will not fit everyone's needs. You have to find what works for you.

This weight is going to leave my body for good this time! I am fed up with dealing with immobility, depression, and social anxiety. Losing weight will help me get out of the house by myself and I am looking forward to becoming an independent woman again.

This is not a liquid diet or a starvation diet. I am only taking in water flavored with real lemon juice and no pulp and sweetened with organic, real stevia. I am not eating food, chewing gum, or drinking protein shakes - only water. I will not starve with this much fat on my body. People for thousands of years have been fasting to get healthy and to give their body a rest. My last fast healed my fibroid tumors 100% and it is the reason that I was able to carry a baby to term, after having a devastating miscarriage three years ago at four months gestation.

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