Download: Phalaenopsis orchids in full water culture

By Samantha's Orchids


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For the last few months, I have been experimenting with growing a few of my phalaenopsis orchids using the full water culture method. Contrary to what one may think, full water culture DOES NOT mean submersion of the entire root system in water. My method involves having only the root tips in water (or 1/4 of the roots in water). Therefore, 3/4 of the roots are exposed to air and maximum light exposure which is very beneficial to the roots.

I am starting to really like this approach as it saves me a lot of time. Since I am using a distiller that pumps out 4 litres of water every 4 hours (gah!), water is a luxury since I have so many orchids in my collection now. I am thinking of transferring a majority of my phalaenopsis orchids from semi-water culture to full water culture to see how they adapt.

TIP: IMPORTANT - Based on my evaluation in my environment, the healthier the root system of a phalaenopsis is, the easier it is for the orchid to adapt to growing in full water culture method. Do not attempt to grow in full water culture if the plant has a poor root system (eg: damaged, broken, cracked roots); exposure to water will only accelerate the root rotting process and you will be discouraged.

As a side note, I also use full water culture to save rootless phalaenopsis orchids by placing the stem in water. I have many videos on that and you can check them out.