Download: Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly (PS2) - 13/13 - The showdown with Ripto again.

By Sonic8000


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Even though I said something about something happening after beating the game. Seems I couldn't find anything so I just cut that bit out. Oh and by the way during the Boss Fight you can't exit the level so you are stuck, forever. Nah... you can leave by just warping to a level in the Altas Book. Now what if you couldn't do that...?

***Level Visits***
[0:01] Ripto Boss Fight
Boss Defeated.
[5:35] Ending
[7:25] Credits
***Level List***
★ Dragon Realms
Treasure: 800/800, Dragonflies: 10/10, Bubble Rune found.
★ Dragonfly Dojo
Treasure: 700/700, Dragonflies: 10/10, Electric Rune found.
★ Crop Circle Country
Treasure: 800/800, Dragonflies: 10/10
★ Luau Island
Treasure: 900/900, Dragonflies: 10/10, Wing Rune found.
★ Cloud 9
Treasure: 900/900, Dragonflies: 10/10, Ice Rune found.
★ Monkey Monastery
Treasure: 900/900, Dragonflies: 10/10
★ Honey Marsh
Treasure: 800/800, Dragonflies: 10/10
★ Thieves Den
Treasure: 700/700, Dragonflies: 10/10
★ Jurassic Jungle
Treasure: 600/600, Dragonflies: 10/10
Deaths: 8
Treasure: 7000/7000 - 200 = 6800
Dragonflies: 90/90
Bubble Breath acquired.
Electric Breath acquired.
Wing Shield acquired.
Ice Breath acquired.
Treasure Radar acquired. *Can't show because all the Treasure was found.*
100% Complete
Ripto Defeated