Download: Tekken 4 - Jin Kazama Ultimate Tutorial (EWHF, Just Frame Laser Scraper, Soul Omen, Secrets, etc)

By Silvio Neto


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As you should/will know, the JFLS is what makes Jin so broken in T4, but as long as your opponent knows that they can evade the launcher by blocking the first two hits then sidestepping to the right, the move starts to get kinda predictable.
But there is a way to overcome it: whenever you feel the opponent is going to sidestep, just forget about the Laser Scraper and do a LASER CANNON: the finishing body strike has a TRACKING PROPERTY that prevents your opponent from sidestepping, not to mention considerable damage.
Then they will think twice before trying a sidestep, but at the same time if you feel they'll try to guard the body strike you can anticipate it and do the unblockable launcher instead.
Their chances of getting out unharmed after you succesfully do the 2 first punches of a Laser sequence become drastically reduced.
Knowing this, your opponents betcha start saying their prayers, 'cause they're gonna get terrorized. lol

Video Description:
If you want to play as Jin, these are the must-know stuff.

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