By Michael Stroup


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1/31/15 1/31/2015
Published on JAN 31,2015
We can describe our web with layers. The first layer is the
one you are accessing: The Surface Web. It is very small,
but MOST PART of Internet users only access that part. We
also have the Bergie web. Google won't show some of this
part results, you gotta have the link or use another search
source. This includes FTP servers, Honeypots and websites
like 4chan or stream videos. Most of the Internet is at the
Bergie Web.
Now, we have the Deep Web, the third layer. You need a proxy
to access that one. All the people that heard about Deep Web
and wanted to try it got stuck here and were too tired/couldn't
get past this. It includes stuff like Supercomputing, Celebrity
Scandals, sex tapes, suicides, virus information, script kiddies,
hackers, and so on
The third layer also has a "sub-layer" which requires TOR to be
accessed. Everything inside here is completely oriented to programmers,
hackers, server databases, data secure networks, Eliza Data information,
Node transfers, and so on. It actually requires more tools other than
TOR in order to access things like Shell Networkings.
Layer 4: Charter Web. This is the most accessed part of the Deep Web.
Includes the Hidden Wiki (usually the first website you will access
when trying to get into the deep web), which is like the deep web
website that contains the link for MANY other charter web websites.
You will find here banned videos, banned movies, banned books,
headhunters, bountyhunters, multi-billion dollar deals, hardcandy,
most of the black market (they sell all kind of things you can ever