Download: Testing A4988 + NEMA17 + Arduino



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Code + fritzing schematics on GitHub:

Testing all the drivers and stepper motors I received today. Still have to figure out some stuff like the max stepper motor speed. For now it looks good.

I am using my old PSU 12V 10A I modified to a lab bench PSU. The motors I ordered were named 42BYGHW818, but I received 42shd0217-24b stepper motors.

Have tested the drivers and stepper motors on the sanguinololu 1.3a. On X and Y I can use max 850mm/min. On Z I can use max of 300. Extruder is max 80. The higher == faster, but X and Y on 850 are many times slower than Z with 300. Z is super fast. So to test if all my stepper motors can go fast, I connected them one by one on the Z axis. They all spin very fast. Speeds right now are at: X/Y 850mm/min, Z 100, Extruder 80. I will make another video about this next week (I hope I can).