Download: SFM: FNAF | Balls 2! [100k]

By Mr Jericho


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So after some hard work the past week or so i've managed to make this for you guys... I present.. BALLS 2! The long wished animation of the first 'Balls' .. Enjoy!

I'd like to thank each and everyone of you people that have decided to subscribe and support the channel. I know it's very cliche the thing i'll say but, i never thought i was gonna get there. I only started my channel as a side-hobby thanks to my best friend GTApsycho. He picked me up and gave me some help on how to get started with Animation.

I would also like to thank 'Scott cawthon' for creating the 'Five Nights At Freddy's' franchise. I've had alot of fun throughout the year with both the story, and seeing people play the game. Another special thanks to Everything_animations for making some of the models seen in the animation itself! Thank you very much!

It's been a crazy year for me, both personaly and with everything involving the Channel. Going from being just a small hobby to a semi "popular" channel with 100.000+ people watching some of the content which i make.

There are a set few people i would like to give my thanks to.


- Thanks for being such an amazing friend. You've managed to turn some of the darker days positive, and help me get where i am today. Getting to 100.000+ subscribers is as much your achievement, as it is mine since i wouldn't be here without you. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you!


- Thank you for being yourself, i've never had the chance to meet someone exactly like you. You're very kind, honest and helpful. Always ready to give a helping hand where it's needed, whether it is just talking or anything at all. So thank you for being there.


- Thanks for also being there, even if there has been the up's and downs i still very much appriciate having you there to help when i need it. Someone like you don't come everyday, and i'm very glad i get to talk to you.


- I'm not sure where to begin here. You've been a massive support alongside GTApsycho, and i've always since i met you had the oppotunity to message you if i wanted. Having someone who does that is a fantastic feeling, and i am very happy i got to meet you!


- This my bro, thanks!.. I had the chance to add you on Steam earlier this year through GTApsycho, and i remember being very nervous about adding you since i didn't expect such a person like yourself would even talk to someone like me. Not long and you was my bro. You're an amazing friend and i wouldn't change you! Thanks!


- This my man. I was very lucky to meet this person. You're such a funny guy and always up for a talking if you get messaged, shared some good laughs, and i'm glad you decided to give a scrub like myself a chance to talk to you. Thanks!


- While me and you are different in many ways, we still share the same interests in some ways. I'm glad i've met such a kind-hearted person like yourself. You're an amazing individual, honest and outright just yourself. I can appriciate that. Thank you!


- This guy.. Oh my, i don't know what to tell you. He is wauw. He is something, very special in his very own way. He is a fantastic guy and has a great sense of humour. I love this guy. If someone can make me laugh it's Raw. Thanks for just being yourself always!


- I remember finding your 'In the weekend' series, and talking to GTApsycho about it. And noticing how fast you grew on Youtube. Not many months after i and a few others were lucky enough to get to talk to the magnificent Pimp himself. You're a nice guy and i've had my own chance to enjoy some quality time with you. Thank you for being da pimp!

Murder Of Crows:

- Hmm.. Yeah.. Umm.. Oh yes! Crows.. Raptorman!.. This guy, he is something. He is like, wauw. A raptor.. I don't have the words really to describe him. So all i'm gonna say. Raptor.. Raptor never changes.. Thanks for being Raptor!


- My fellow Dane! This guy has a very interesting set of b- i mean humour..! Of course.. Even though i haven't spoken as much to Malohn i can say he is a nice guy, caring. He does everything he can to bring a smile to someones face. Thank you Malohn!

I'd like to say thank you again to You! and to everyone else that has given me the chance, and the support to get here..! 100.000 cheers to another great year. Merry christmas, and happy new year.

Extra info:

- There are 17 easter eggs to be found in the video, so if you're up for a challenge.. See if you can find them all!
- Video was released on my birthday.
- Tools used to create the video include: 'Source Filmmaker | Sony Vegas | Adobe Photoshop'

Thanks to the creators of South park for making such a fantastic fun show!