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By Trooper Eagle


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Escenas De #SamDrea~ Andrea y Samuel se encuentran, discuten, y se besan! *English Translation* Andrea asks Irina if she's going to the party Irina says "yes I don't care if mom gets mad were too old for that" Andrea replies "well your going to make mom mad I want to join you" Irina says "really?" "Omg alright I'll pick you up in 10mins be ready" Andrea and Irina are sneaking out of the house A~"Irina you sure mom's not around here?" I~"No! Don't tell you don't want to go anymore" A~"I already told you I want to go to that party lets go run run!" When they arrive there A~ Your Sure I look good?" I~ "Yes you look stunning if you don't walk out with a boyfriend today I'm really going to believe there aren't any men here" A~ "Alright well I want to go touch up" Samuel and Andrea bump into each other. S~"Miss Andrea" A~ "Samuel" S~"Wow Miss Andrea you look beautiful. I can't stop looking at you those eyes of yours have me hypnotized" A~ "Am I supposed to believe what your saying" "Yes because I'm pretty sure of what I'm saying" "If you don't believe me I'll prove it to you without words" they're about to kiss but Samuel holds himself down. S~ "Sorry Miss Andrea I don't know what happened to me I didn't mean to bother you" A~ "Stop apologizing like you did something to me because you didn't" S~ "well it seems like everytime I'm close to you it bothers you and you insult me like always" A~ "Well you didn't bother me otherwise I would've let you known by now like always" S~ "Well then I guess you won't mind dancing with me" A~ "Of course not" during the dance S~ "Who would've thought I would someday have Andrea Del Junco in my arms" A~ "What Do You Mean? Or are you insinuating something?" S~ "No I mean like this dancing" "couldn't be any other way" "I mean you and be couldn't be together because of what happened with my brothers and your sisters and because you've always thought of me and seen me as a dirty employee, and I've always seen you as bitter witch" A~ "Then what are you doing dancing with a witch" S~"Miss it was just a joke" A~"If you want to joke around go work at a circus" A~ "Irina lets go were going home now" I~"But I don't want to leave yet the party is good" S~"Is there a problem?" Soledad says "well Andrea wants to leave already but Irina doesn't" S~"I'll take you home miss" A~"No thanks I don't need you to drive me home or guard me" S~"Miss Andrea come on don't be stubborn lets go I'll take you" I~"Yes Andrea don't be stubborn". The Kidnappers "This is taking to too long we have to kidnap him today" S~"Miss Im Sorry it was just a joke" A~"Well I didn't like your joke" S~"Sorry I didn't mean to ruin the moment" "now let me take you home" A~ "No I'm a witch so I'll take my broom and fly my way home" "You've done enough don't you think?" Andrea starts to walk away Sam takes her by the arm and kisses her. A~"why did you kiss me?" S~"I don't know" A~"You kiss me and don't know why?" Slap! Andrea walks away. S~"Don't think I kissed you because I like you!" "Witch". The kidnappers take Sam and put him into the car. Andrea sees everything and follows the truck. Andrea arrives there and tells the kidnappers to let Sam go.