Download: Nightcore Narcissistic Cannibal - FNAF OC MAP \\ OPEN 14/20 taken

By Papy Jake


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Read the description or you won't get anything. I won't even check the channels of people that haven't read the description.
edit : ok it's just that the fnaf fandom don't know how to read descriptions good to know

1. Not first come first served. You must have some animations on your channel. Don't be mad if you don't get the part. Parts must be animated and not only tweenings.

2. This is a OC FNAF map. But your part have to told the story of a nightguard (your oc) which get killed by the animatronics and who turned into one. The nightguard can't turn into a canon animatronics (like the animatronic in the picture is my fursona turned into a animatronic. So yes, you can take furso/persona or whatever). Also I don't to see want ocxcanon. No random animation pls.

3. 2 parts max but not following parts like 2 and 3 but you can ask for 2 and 4, for example. If you read the rules, tell me what do you think about the picture I've made (video).

4. Watermark to the left, down thx.

5. Full screen please. 1920x1080 or 1280x720.

6. Sendspaces if you make a cutoff prevention please (and without the cutoff prevention c': ).

Duedate : when all parts will be taken.

Parts -------------------------------
Intro (with all the animators names may be just tweenings)
1 Skitty2Bruce
3 Pozzo l'argonière
5 Pozzo l'argonière
6 AK McShane
7 Rivière Dorée et Flamme
8 Rivière Dorée et Flamme
10 ArtyAbigail07 (Septiplier Trash)
11 ArtyAbigail07 (Septiplier Trash)
15 MiaouMaelle
16 Azerty Eror
17 Chesneyy
18 Skitty2Bruce
20 Azerty Eror

Backups --------------------------------

Song is Narcissistif Cannibal by Early Rise but it's the nightcore version.
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