Download: Star Wars Battlefront 1 Mods (PC) HD: Ord Mantell: No Greater Glory | Galactic Civil War

By BattlefrontJDgamer


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WATCH IN HD! This is Ord Mantell: No Greater Glory by Rippentuck, another massive SWBF1 map! This map is set on the Mid Rim planet of Ord Mantell, a prominent planet in the Expanded Universe and also seen in Renegade Squadron!
This map is absolutely HUGE! But amazingly, there is plenty of action to offer here. The main focus of the map is on the Galactic Civil War era, however the Clone Wars is also playable and both eras only support stock sides.
The story behind the Galactic Civil War era is that Ord Mantell is the home for large deposits of cortosis, a lightsaber resistant mineral. Fearing the mineral would be exploited by the Empire, the Rebel Alliance has begun a mining operation on the planet to prevent them from obtaining it. Imperial Spies, however, have reported this activity to Grand Admiral Thrawn who has immediately dispatched two light divisions to wipe out the Rebel scum and capture the cortosis for the Empire!
The map's layout is composed of two areas, the city centre and the forest, both of which are separated by a river with bridges connecting them. With one faction starting in the city and the other in the forests, the two sides meet at the bridge for a clash between them.
The map overcomes the classic pitfall that many of its counterparts fall into and comes with lots of vehicle support to counter the large reinforcement count and to allow the player to get around the map quicker, kudos for that!
The map is also visually stunning with lots of trees, viaducts, waterfalls and fallen logs in its forest areas and transitions very well into the urban environment.
All in all, this is a very well put together map and lots of good fun to play. If you like big battles and like what you see, go ahead and give it a download!

Note: All the mods are for PC only!