Download: Super Mario Bros 2: Changes from NES to SNES

By Greenalink


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Super mario bros 2 Changes from NES to SNES

This video is NOT going to compare the visual changes (visual sprite updates) because they are pretty much identical except it's polished on a newer system.
It's going to cover mainly the changes that affects gameplay including the physics engine and level design, ranging from fixed bugs to even new ones introduced in All Stars

The video will cover:

Turning the game on,
Game over & continue,
Day/night background changes,
Level design changes,
Background Music changes,
Key room,
Secret warp visual effect,
How Birdo drops an item,
Defeating Albatoss,
Spark vs beam of light.
Carrying a mushroom before door spawns.
Mushroom block vs door,
Throwing enemies through the ground glitch,
Mushroom block vs vine,
Mushroom block vs vine, death method,
Mushroom block duplication W6-1,
W3-3 Wrong Warp,
Pow block glitch: Flying vegetable,
Pow block glitch: Delayed explosion,
Enemy elevator glitch,
0 HP Glitch,
Illusion items glitch,
Supspace music forever,
Coin counter,
3 cherry,
3 non cherry,
3 7s,
Ending sequence.

I don't know the game as well as Ocarina of Time but I think it covers the majority of the changes that isn't a visual upgrade.

The Fry Guy dead end fight glitch actually got fixed on later NES releases so that does not count for this video.

Missing footage - found after making this video - The potion bounce OoB (SNES only)