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In an attempt to shed some light on Hank Williams Senior's final days, an independent film called "The Last Ride" is now in select theaters.    The movie is basically a two man odyssey.     The story of Hank and a kid he hired to drive him to his NYE shows in West Virginia and Ohio.     While the movie does take you into the blue cadillac where Williams was said to die, Hanks daughter Jett says there is still a lot of fiction in the film. "It says in the beginning of the movie "mostly what follows is true" so it's not 100 percent accurate, in fact, no one knows what happened on that trip" says Jett.     For example, Jett tells us the film only features one driver when in fact - there were two and while not shown, in real life it's said they picked up a hitch hiker along the way.  But much of the picture that's painted is real and Jett says filmmakers did a great job of showing an unseen side of her father. "When you walk away you have more into the heart and soul of Hank Williams" says Jett. Hank Senior is played by Henry Thomas - an actor most of us may remember from a popular movie."Henry is the kid that was buddies with ET and now to see him grown and I also think he looks an awful lot like my dad too" says Jett. Jett had nothing to do with the film but did play a key role in the soundtrack, writing or co-writing four of the songs. "It's country, gospel and bluegrass. It really puts you in that 1952 era of music" says Jett.     An engaging road trip, that answers a few questions, creates a few more and takes us into the heart of a man and the legend he left behind. "The movie is real, when you lave it will rattle in your head" says Jett. "The Last Ride" will come to Regal Hollywood on August 10th. A DVD will be released in January, which is the 30th anniversary of ET and the 60th anniversary of Hank Williams death. While Hanks daughter Jett is overall pleased with the film, she tells Fox 17 that she has never been satisfied with the publics version of the circumstances surrounding her dads death and that she and her husband are currently investigating.